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Holocaust memorial with Star Of David Design wins approval to be built on Ohio Statehouse

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Jul 23 13 3:12 AM

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COLUMBUS, Ohio –  A privately-funded Holocaust memorial is to be built on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse despite concerns from the head of an oversight board that the project is "inappropriate" for public property and could ensnare Ohio in a separation-of-church-and-state dispute.
The $1.8 million memorial was approved Thursday by the state Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, which oversees and maintains the Ohio Statehouse. It's believed to be the first Holocaust memorial planned for the grounds of any U.S. statehouse. The state is to pay for site preparations.

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Jul 23 13 8:57 AM

The 'Jewification' of America continues at rapid pace.

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Jul 23 13 2:05 PM

Ah, when did the the Holocaust and most other genocides only involve Jewish people alone? Much like the Holocaust, some Jews have come to monopolize other aspects of our culture as well. For example, the term "Semite" applies to the majority of such people that are not Jews. Semite is the language of Shem, who was not a Jew. Semite is a language group, not a cultural, religious or racial group. Lets get it right.

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Jul 23 13 3:37 PM

Another monument to be targeted for vandalism, then their weep, weeping, oh I'm weeping so bad now, OH the whining, wow is me. Speaking of wine, what's a Famous Jewish Wine? I'm movin' to Miami! Hey give me that kidney!

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